for adults and children
Our Services:
  • Pediatric and Adult Eye Care

  • Treatment of Eye Disease & Injury: Cataract, Glaucoma, and Diabetic Eye Disease

  • Prescriptions for Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

  • Medical Eye Examinations

  • Laser Vision Consultants

  • Eye Exam for US Driver License​

Opening Hours:
We close reception at 12:15 in the morning and at 17:45 in the evening.

School regular health check

​We accept vision examination of school regular health check at any time.

29 September, 2021

Our office is closed on Thursday, 30 September 2021.

8 January, 2021

Our response to the declaration of a state of emergency


The government has declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures.
Please read the information below.

Office hours: Office opens regularly.

Appointments: Please do not come to clinic unless our staff phones you to confirm your appointment is going ahead.

Standing appointments: Please come to the clinic at the time of your appointment.

Face coverings and masks: Please wear a face covering/a mask when you visit us.

Japanese National and Private Insurance Accepted.